Time-Saving Tuesdays

This page provides links to all my Time-Saving Tuesdays reviews, recipes and tips as well as links to all the Ready Meal Monday reviews.  The index is in date order starting with the most recent post.

Time-Saving Tuesday – Weight Watchers Hunters Chicken with Brown and Wild Rice

Don’t all shout at me, I know I’ve said I don’t eat rice these days but this review was written some time ago but never published.  This is Hunters Chicken and from the Weight Watchers range, a range in which we’ve already seen us review the impressive Salmon and Broccoli Wedge Melt  and the less […]

Time-Saving Tuesdays & 6 Nations of Food – Scottish Mussels in a Garlic and Butter Sauce

It’s been a while since I last posted a Time-Saving Tuesdays review so I thought why not introduce it to the 6 Nations of Food feature, I know this is a slight deviation off track but bear with me as it’ll all make sense soon.  I’m going to review something that my mother and I […]

Time-Saving Tuesday – Asda Meatballs and Quick and Easy Tomato Sauce

Here’s a bit different of a difference, my mother’s obsessed with these meatballs, she buys them quite regularly and either serves them as meatballs or squashes them into burgers…. bizarre I know lol! I’m unsure whether this should come under the “Waste Not Want Not Wednesday” because these ingredients were leftovers from the Pizza Pies […]

Time-Saving Tuesday – Tesco Italian Spaghetti Carbonara

Here’s something I wouldn’t normally eat, it’s Spaghetti, I’m not a lover of the long strands of pasta, they don’t go well with my fear of choking 😀 . But I bought this to try and overcome that fear…. How brave am I lol The nutritional information is clear, the whole packaging was clear and […]

Time-Saving Tuesdays – Asda Beef Bourguignon with Merchant-Gourmet Red and White Quinoa

Just a little later than planned but you expected that didn’t you, come on we all know you did! This is a mix and match one for you this week, it’s Asda’s Beef Bourguignon in a tin and Merchant-Gourmet’s Red and White Quinoa, why you ask? The reason is because I wanted to use them […]

Time-Saving Tuesdays – Uncle Ben’s Chilli Con Carne and Rice and Dolmio Pasta Carbonara

It’s that time of the week again it’s Time-Saving Tuesdays, oh wait it’s not, well it’s Tuesday somewhere I’m sure, I’m late again, this feature should be called…. Time-Saving any day of the week 😆 I was really looking forward to this one this week, I was thinking these were something different and they’d be […]

Time-Saving Tuesdays – Slow and Steady

It’s Time-Saving Tuesdays again, I know posting about a Slow cooker seems to defeat the object entirely but it can be Time-Saving.  Put the ingredients in before you go to work or you take the children to school and then it’ll be ready when you come home… saving time.  Just leave it do it’s own […]

Time-Saving Tuesdays – Princes Chicken in a White Sauce

How are you all, it’s November already and it’s almost bonfire night… are you going anywhere? We used to have a big family and friends firework night every year but it stopped as people got older and everyone drifted apart, I’m not complaining loud bangs and Brittle Bones don’t go well together really 😆 This […]

Time-Saving Tuesdays – Tesco Chicken and Chorizo Paella

This was a surprise for me because my mother bought it while out shopping with her friend one day. I didn’t know what to expect if I’m honest but I thought I’d give it a go…. it’s rude not to 😆 The package weighed 330g which obviously included the packaging but I had my doubts […]

Time-Saving Tuesdays – Homemade Microwaveable Tomato Risotto

I’ve gone in a different direction today for my Time-Saving Tuesday’s post. I saw Sorted Food host a Question and Answer session on twitter recently so I asked them what their favourite Time-Saving gadget was in the kitchen and they said the microwave… so in honour of that here is my Homemade Microwave Tomato Risotto. […]

Time-Saving Tuesdays – Morrisons NuMe Cumberland Pie

This is another one of Heather’s brilliant bargains… oh wait that sounds like a feature on its own lol. This was Morrisons NuMe Cumberland Pie, I’ve never really had a Cumberland Pie before, so was looking forward to it, something new is always good. The packet describes the pie as being: beef mince, carrots and […]

Time-Saving Tuesdays – Morrisons Macaroni Cheese

Ok so I look like I’m addicted to Macaroni Cheese, I’ve reviewed three so far. On 11th August 2014 I reviewed Asda Macaroni Cheese, I wasn’t overly impressed with it, in fact my words were that I “felt a bit let down by this as I was quite looking forward to it”. I then reviewed […]

Time-Saving Tuesdays – Annabel Karmel Chicken, Tomato and Veggie Risotto

You may remember that some time ago… as a plonker…. I bought two children’s ready meals made by Annabel Karmel. The first one I’ve reviewed was the “Delicious Beef Cottage Pie” on 9th June 2015. When reviewing that I gave it a 3 when looking at it as an adult meal and 6 when looking […]

There Was Life Before Time-Saving Tuesdays Jim

Do you remember life before Time-Saving Tuesdays? Yep that’s right it was Ready Meal Monday – here are all our Ready Meal Monday reviews for you to take a look at them, some of them are fab… others um not so! Ready Meal Monday Ready Meal Monday – Tesco Everyday Value Chicken Curry and Rice […]

Round Up of August’s Time-Saving Tuesday’s

Here’s another chance to re-visit August’s Time-Saving Tuesday’s posts! Time-Saving Tuesdays – Asda Smart Price Lasagne Time-Saving Tuesdays – Tesco Tinned Chilli Con Carne Time-Saving Tuesdays – John West Tuna Infusion Steam Pot

Time-Saving Tuesdays – Asda Smart Price Lasagne

Ola, it’s Tuesday so it’s that time of the week again… here’s this week’s Time-Saving Tuesdays post… on time…. how many times can I fit the word time in a sentence…. lots of times (see what I did there). The subject of this week’s Time-Saving Tuesdays review is an Asda Smart Price Value Lasagne. Like […]

Time-Saving Tuesdays – Tesco Tinned Chilli Con Carne

Forgive me readers for I have sinned…. it’s been 9 days since my last proper post! The world has gone mad, since my last post I’ve had wheelchair melt down’s, I’ve been working on a new business start up, watched a fantastic Michael Jackson and Meat Loaf tribute act with Keri, Ben and Alice, visits […]

Time-Saving Tuesdays – John West Tuna Infusion Steam Pot

Tuna Infusion with Soy and Ginger and Mushroom Couscous Steam Pot I’m sorry that there was nothing coming last week, I’ve had a hectic few days, including a visit from my lovely niece Alice. You’ll probably know by now that Alice has been partying studying in France for the last ten months through her university […]

Time-Saving Tuesdays – Asda Rockin Chilli & Chorizo Mac Cheese (Belated)

Ok, I know it’s not Tuesday but it’s not far off… and it’s worth the wait lol!  Today’s post is an interesting one, I’m not sure if it counts as being Time-Saving but we’ll give it a go! Actually, thinking about it I suppose it is Time-Saving because it only takes about 30 minutes in […]

Asda Keema Masala and Boiled Rice

I know you’re probably thinking yuck… food in a tin but stop it! Get a grip, ok it’s not haute cuisine but it’s tasty and quick. My mother bought this for me a few weeks ago and I must admit I was a bit sceptical, I’m a big fan of Asda’s Minced Beef and Onion […]

Time-Saving Tuesday – Asda Pasta Bolognese Bake

Slightly late I know, but with my mother being in hospital and having stuff to sort out it’s manic at the moment but here it is, only a short while after the self imposed midnight deadline! This is exactly what it says on the package…. it’s Bolognese sauce but with pasta…. win win! Ok let’s […]

Time-Saving Tuesdays – Mags Cheats Chilli Con Carne

Ok, this is going to sound bizarre… yes it really will but it works, to a point. I’m not pretending in any way this is authentic or genuine or even nice… no it is nice I wouldn’t post it if it wasn’t but please don’t write in complaining because it does work trust me. Yes, […]

Time-Saving Tuesdays – Annabel Karmel Delicious Beef Cottage Pie

So I decided it was time to stop sponging off my parents and actually do a shop of my own recently, for the purposes of Wheelie Good Meals of course (not because there was nothing nice to eat in the house honestly your honour)! I bought these two ready meals – now before this review […]

Time-Saving Tuesdays – M & S Eurovision Meal Deal

Coconut, Lemongrass & Coriander Hake Fillets with Minted New Potatoes followed by Key Lime Pie and Ulmen Sauvignon Blanc 2014 – All For £10 – Ding Dong! Well it was that time of year again… It was Eurovision weekend, and my mother and I decided to watch it together with a meal deal she chose […]

Time-Saving Tuesdays – Tesco Finest Chicken Madeira & Braised Rice With Mushrooms

It’s that time of the week again, it’s #TST time… I’ve got a jingle playing in my head already 😆 … I need more sleep 🙄 ! This was a ready meal I bought from Tesco some time ago, I don’t know what made me buy it because I’m not, as you know, a mushroom […]

Time–Saving Tuesdays – Cheat’s Shepherd’s Pie

This was a no brainer for me, as you know from many posts Shepherd’s or Cottage pie depending on your opinion is one of my favourite things to eat. I’ve posted my Comforting Classics Shepherd’s Pie in February and it seemed quite popular, I know it is in my house – but this one is […]

Time-Saving Tuesday – Westlers Burgers in Onion Gravy

Ok in a change to the scheduled #TST post I’ve got to share this one with you. Now I’m guessing your all ready slightly perturbed by the sound of Burgers in Gravy… from a tin! Well hear me out before you judge 😆 ! This is not part of my staple diet, but I thought […]

Time-Saving Tuesdays – Waffle Egg and Beans

Is it me or does a Tuesday come around quickly, I think I must be getting old because time is flying. I know I’ve been wheelie rubbish with posting recently, I’ve had a nightmare couple of months in work but, that’s for another day, I don’t want to bore you with all that nonsense. Don’t […]

Time-Saving Tuesdays – Tesco Classic Lamb Hot Pot (Belated)

Aw shizzle (I’m late) ok well it’s only an hour or so but I’m late.  Well this was written before I went to pool earlier, for those of you who don’t know I am the captain of a pool team.  We have a great group of boys but we’re not very successful, I was subtle […]

Time-Saving Tuesdays – Chicken Tikka Masala and Egg Fried Rice

Hello again, carrying on from last week’s #TST (yes I’m hashtagging it now) cheating theme, here’s a Cheat Chiken Tikka Masala and Egg Fried Rice. I can’t claim credit for this one, this was my mother’s idea! I’d bought the Chicken Tikka Masala some time ago and it was sitting in my cupboard, my mother […]

Time-Saving Tuesdays – Time-Saving Ingredients

Since February 2008 cheating in cooking has become cool… why because Queen Delia says so in “How to Cheat at Cooking”.   Don’t take me dubbing her as Queen Delia as an insult, it’s merely a testimony to how highly I think of her… I have always had long standing regard of Delia Smith, she released […]

Time-Saving Tuesdays – Asda Chilli Con Carne and Rice

I’m a big fan of Chilli Con Carne, it’s a favourite with my mother and I, when I make it I usually use my Fuss Free Bolognese Sauce as a basis and pimp it up adding kidney beans and spices. This week I’ve decided to review the Asda version. You’ll remember from previous posts that […]

Time-Saving Tuesdays – JML Can Opener

Ok now everyone has a can opener in the drawer but none of your run of the mill can openers are as cool as my JML Can Opener. As you know it’s my Desert Island gadget. The can opener opens most types of cans, I know that there are cans with ringpulls on them nowadays… […]

Time-Saving Tuesdays – Tesco Bourbon Pulled Beef with Sweet Onion Mash

There’s a new craze sweeping the food scene and that’s pulled meat… ok, ok I know it’s not new but it’s new to me, I’ve never tried anything that’s been pulled. The only pulled thing I’ve had anything to do with is a pulled muscle 😆 ! I bought this because I wanted to jump […]

Time-Saving Tuesdays – Tesco Tomato and Mozzarella Pasta Bake

It wasn’t planned this way but keeping up with the six nations theme mentioned in my Comforting Classics Shepherd’s Pie recipe this review could be dedicated to the Italian Rugby team and indeed the guy with one of the coolest names in rugby Martin Castrogiovanni. I bought this ready meal from Tesco recently it’s not […]

Time-Saving Tuesdays – John West Tuna Infusions Steam Pot

It’s time for take two in our weekly Time-Saving Tuesdays Feature, this is one that’s a bit different as it’s a sort of snack pot type thing. It’s an infusion pot by John West. As it says in the picture above it’s a Tuna Infusions with Coriander and Cumin with Lime and Coriander Couscous. You’ll […]

Time-Saving Tuesdays – Ainsley Harriott’s Sun Dried Tomato & Garlic Cous Cous

Here’s the start of our Time-Saving Tuesdays feature, and it’s a belter! I’ve chosen this one because it identifies easy with the new concept. It’s quick and easy and can be made in next to no time, plus it’s tasty! This is something different for Wheelie Good Meals, it’s a sachet of cous cous which […]

Time-Saving Tuesdays…. the way forward!

Well I’ve been playing it over in my head for the last few weeks, and I’ve decided to axe Ready Meal Mondays (“yes, yes, we know this already” I hear you cry)! But like Sir Bob, Lord of the Rats of Boomtown “I Don’t Like Mondays”. To make it easier for myself, and after all […]

Ready Meal Monday – Tesco Everyday Value Chicken Curry and Rice

Well here we go in the first of our Micro Monday Tuesday theme, I thought it would only be fitting to start with a ready meal. This week we go to Tesco for their Chicken Curry and Rice. The packaging describes it as being. Tender pieces of chicken breast in a mild curry sauce served […]

Ready Meal Monday – Asda Chicken, Chorizo and King Prawn Paella

Two posts in quick succession, I’m pushing it this week – you can tell I can’t sleep O_o.  Ok, I know I’m a little late, but I’ve been a lot later lol 😀 So we’re off to Spain this week on our travels in search of Ready Meal loveliness and a Chicken, Chorizo and King […]

Ready Meal Monday – Weight Watchers Thai Green Chicken Curry

Only just making it in on time but we’re jetting off to Thai Land for this week’s installment of Ready Meal Monday…. how exotic I hear you say! This is Thai Green Chicken Curry, I’ve only experimented with Thai flavourings properly once and I really like them. I’ve made what I call Thai Fish Cakes […]

Ready Meal Monday – Bisto Minced Beef Hot Pot

We’re back on the mince again…. as you know I’ve tried Hot Pot before, one of the earlier Ready Meal instalments was Tesco Minced Beef Hot Pot. That ready meal was enjoyable so I was hoping this one would be too, let’s see if it was 🙂 This was a tasty ready meal, it had […]

Ready Meal Monday – Sainsbury’s Chicken with A Creamy Vintage Cider Sauce Meal Deal

Sainsbury’s Chicken with a Creamy Vintage Cider Sauce followed by Belgian Chocolate Soufflés washed down with a 2014 South African Dry White This was a Meal Deal Heather brought up recently, chosen by my mother, I would have ordered the Bistro Cod & Chorizo Potato Bravas because of my love of Patatas Bravas – but […]

Ready Meal Monday – Authentic Curry Company Chicken Tikka Masala

Sorry I’ve been away for a while ^^’, I’d like to say I’d been somewhere nice but it’s just been a case of a hectic chaotic life overtaking everything lol.  Well I’m back and on time for a change lol.  I would say Chicken Tikka Masala is the thing I order the most when I’m […]

Ready Meal Monday – Asda Beef Chilli and Wedges

Hoorah I’m on time this week, for the first time for ages! This week’s is Asda Beef Chilli and Wedges, a ready meal that my mother is quite fond of. Again to go with my mince and potato addiction I thought this was appropriate. Remember if you have a ready meal you’d like me to […]

Ready Meal Monday – Weight Watchers Salmon and Broccoli Wedge Melt

Well in line with my statement last week here is my latest Ready Meal Monday… on Tuesday lol! For this week’s installment of Ready Meal Monday I’m reviewing Weight Watchers Salmon and Broccoli Wedge Melt. Now if you know one (well two) things about me you’ll know that I love Broccoli and I really love […]

Ready Meal Monday – Sainsbury’s Bistro Chicken

Bistro Chicken with a Red Wine, Madeira and Mushroom Sauce Followed by Raspberry and Passion Fruit Soufflé and a bottle of Valle Central Cabernet Rosé I’m probably going to have to start calling this feature Ready Meal Tuesday, or publish it on time… whichever’s easiest 🙂 ! For this week’s instalment of Ready Meal (whatever […]

Ready Meal Monday – Tesco Macaroni Cheese

Well you’ll be surprised to see I’m on time for Ready Meal Monday, you’ll notice I’ve been working on my photography for my recipes but, I’ve tried to keep it plain and simple (that sounds like a name for a song… oh no wait that was Pure and Simple!) I want to keep it clear […]

Ready Meal Monday – Bisto Lasagne

Ooops, ok I know what you’re thinking – where the heck is Ready Meal Monday… no… well you should be 🙂 I know I’m a bit late and I apologise for that, I could give you some technical mumbo jumbo about sprites being in my computer and taking over the interweb…. but I won’t! The […]

Ready Meal Monday – Asda Chicken Curry and Rice

The week just gone has been a slightly hectic one for me and was rounded off with a trip to watch a band in a local pub. So what do you want before you’re about to go out on a heavy night out…. a curry you say! Well no you probably don’t but this was […]

Ready Meal Monday – Tesco Minced Beef Hot Pot

As a one-time Coronation Street fan I’ve always fancied giving Betty’s Hot Pot a go so when I saw this Tesco Beef Hot Pot on the shelves I couldn’t resist. I was quite looking forward to this as I’d also seen lots of celebrity chef’s making hot pot’s on television including the great Nigel Howarth, […]

Ready Meal Monday – Young’s Ocean Pie

This week’s Ready Meal Monday review is of Young’s Ocean Pie, which I shared with my niece and fellow Wheelie Good Meal member Alice.  I know I say it in posts quite often but we do not work with any company or brand all products reviewed under the Ready Meal Monday section are bought by […]

Ready Meal Monday (Belated) – Bisto Cottage Pie

Firstly I have to start with an apology, I know it’s Thursday and I’m not very good with my timings but I’ve had a hectic week. Now before you get the violins out, my busyness has been in a good cause, I’ve been busy preparing for the Youtube Channel launch, which is coming soon. I […]

Ready Meal Monday – Asda “Macaroni Cheese”

Before we get into the finer details (well there aren’t any finer details really) I’ve got to say that I’ve not been asked by Asda to advertise this Ready Meal.  Neither, I or Wheelie Good Meals work with any brands and as you all know if we did you’d all be the first to know […]

Ready Meal Monday – M & S Dine In For £10

I’ve decided to pilot a new feature to my blog called, wait for it, “Ready Meal Monday”.  We all know I’m an advocate home cooking, you can’t beat a home cooked meal especially one you’ve taken time to lovingly prepare but are ready meals easier for people with certain health conditions.   My parents have bought […]

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