Time-Saving Tuesdays

Time-Saving Tuesdays has taken over from Ready Meal Monday and will feature lots more reviews and recipes.  As I add reviews, recipes and more I will index them here.  Don’t forget you can look back through our Ready Meal Monday Section here

Food Related Reviews:

John West Tuna Infusions Steam Pot

Meal Deal – M&S Eurovision Meal Deal (Coconut, Lemongrass & Coriander Hake Fillets with Minted New Potatoes followed by Key Lime Pie and Ulmen Sauvignon Blanc 2014)

Ready Meal – Asda Chilli Con Carne

Ready Meal – Tesco Classic Lamb Hot Pot

Ready Meal – Tesco Finest Chicken Medeira with Braised Rice and Mushrooms

Ready Meal – Tesco Tomato & Mozzerella Pasta Bake

Time Saving Ingredients Review

Tinned Meal – Tesco Chicken Tikka Masala and John West Packet Egg Fried Rice

Westlers – 4 Burgers In Gravy


Time-Saving Recipes:

Cheats Shepherd’s Pie

Waffle, Egg and Beans


Product Reviews:

JML Can Opener

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