Time-Saving Tuesdays

Time-Saving Tuesdays…. the way forward!

Time-Saving Tuesdays
Time-Saving Tuesdays

Well I’ve been playing it over in my head for the last few weeks, and I’ve decided to axe Ready Meal Mondays (“yes, yes, we know this already” I hear you cry)! But like Sir Bob, Lord of the Rats of Boomtown “I Don’t Like Mondays”.

To make it easier for myself, and after all we all wan easy life, I’ve decided to start Time-Saving Tuesdays or #TimeSavingTuesdays as it’ll affectionately be known 😀 , this could take many forms, some examples that I’ve been thinking of are

  • Equipment reviews to make cooking and food preparation easier for people with varying disabilities.
  • Micro Meal Reviews (don’t panic they’re not going anywhere)
  • Reviews of snack and other quick types of food such as microwaveable rice
  • Quick ideas suitable for lunch in work or packed lunches for children in schools.

The quick and easy time-saving idea is also very important for me because, as you probably know I play pool on a Tuesday so when I eat either at home or in work I’m usually in a hurry.

I really do promise that this feature will take over from Ready Meal Monday introduce a whole new range of reviews, tips, recipes and much more.

I’d like to think that my recipes are fairly easy to follow and my reviews are for microwaveable meals which are quite easy to make for people with varying disabilities. I do know that I don’t really cover the disability concept as much as I should and that is going to change. We have a youtube channel launching in March and I hope to not only cover Time-Saving ideas, easy recipes but also cooking techniques which are friendly toward people with disabilities. I’ll also be reviewing products and recipe books.

I’ve made some changes to the blog, you may have noticed… but hopefully you haven’t because that means it’s been pretty seamless.  We are now a self hosted blog and thanks to my good friend Chris at Cynon Valley Hosting for his patience and for helpful advice from Andrew and Ryan at at Tantrwm we’re finally getting somewhere…. Wheelie Good Meals has grown up!

Sign up for updates as I am hoping to be working with fellow bloggers as 2015 progresses and serving you up some more recipes from chef’s I admire and enjoy watching.

Remember you can always get involved if you are a foodie and have ideas, or you’ve cooked one of our recipes then let me know. Or if you are a fellow blogger and would like to work with me then drop be a line.

Take care, see you all tomorrow!

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