Ready Meal Monday – Asda “Macaroni Cheese”

Ready Meal Monday - The box of Asda's "Macroni Cheese"

Ready Meal Monday – The box of Asda’s “Macroni Cheese”

Before we get into the finer details (well there aren’t any finer details really) I’ve got to say that I’ve not been asked by Asda to advertise this Ready Meal.  Neither, I or Wheelie Good Meals work with any brands and as you all know if we did you’d all be the first to know

Ready Meal Monday - Asda "Macroni Cheese" it it's Carton

Ready Meal Monday – Asda “Macroni Cheese” it it’s Carton

So I had Macaroni Cheese recently, it was a frozen ready meal from Asda as that’s where my parents shop.  This was in my freezer so as I’m on this “Ready Meal Monday” mission I thought I’d give this a go…. how bad could it be.  Well it was fairly bad in my opinion, I cooked it as per the cooking instructions (see below) but found it to be congealed, it was quite odd really, the parts that weren’t congealed were ok but the congealed bits were bland and quite rubbery.  This is one of the ready meals I’ve tried that I do intend to recreate, I felt a bit let down by this as I was quite looking forward to it – I wouldn’t choose this one again.  See below for ingredients and nutritional information

Ready Meal Monday - Asda "Macroni Cheese" Nutritional Information

Ready Meal Monday – Asda “Macroni Cheese” Nutritional Information

Ready Meal Monday - Asda "Macroni Cheese" Ingredient List

Ready Meal Monday – Asda “Macroni Cheese” Ingredient List

Keep your eyes peeled for our next Ready Meal Monday review and also for our next recipe, it’ll be up on Wednesday!  Don’t forget to get involved at Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Google+ and PintrestWhat are your favourite ready meals, do you find them easier than cooking, let us know your thoughts.  Also if you have any other cooking tips, ideas or recipes share the love with us.  We’d love to hear from you we want you to get involve and help Wheelie Good Meals develop.  If you have any questions you’d like to ask about either myself or the Wheelie Good Meals concept please feel free to drop us a line on  Come back again soon and, together, we’ll make more Wheelie Good Meals!

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