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Are you Ready, Steady… Then Let’s Cook Some Mystery Bag Meals

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Mystery Bag Meals Logo

Ok you’ve guessed it Mystery Bag Meals is based on one of my favourite all time cookery programmes Ready Steady Cook. It was hosted by Ainsley Harriott (and Fern Britton) and featured a round where chef’s aided by a celebrity had to cook meals from a bag of ingredients. There were different types of bags, these included:

  • Classic Bag – The original format where the contestant brought in a bag of ingredients costing up to £5.
  • Budget Bag – Similar to the ‘Classic Bag’ but the ingredients could only cost up to £3.50.
  • Bistro Bag – Ingredients worth £7.50.
  • Gourmet Bag – Worth £10.

These four are going to be the basis for my new Mystery Bag Meals feature. I want people to email stating the ingredients they want me to cook with. Anyone can get involved from my friends and family to anyone reading the blog…. or people who love Ready Steady lol. Every fortnight I’ll put up on facebook and twitter what the theme is for the next Mystery Bag Meals – Remember you don’t have to buy the ingredients just state the following:

  • The ingredients
  • How much each one costs
  • Where you priced them from

The ingredients will be bought by a friend and provided to me on the day I’m going to cook them. I’ll cook the recipe within a set time limit:

  • Classic Bag – 60 minute – up to £5.
  • Budget Bag – 30 minute – up to £3.50.
  • Bistro Bag – 1 ½ hours – up to £7.50.
  • Gourmet Bag – 2 hours – up to £10.

I know Ready Steady Cook had a set time frame for all their bags but let’s be honest they were professional chef’s I’m not. I’m cooking in my house with a million things going on, let’s make it realistic.

Mystery Bag Meals - Store Cupboard Essentials
Mystery Bag Meals – Store Cupboard Essentials

I will also have a series of store cupboard essentials to use… like the show, I managed to find a list online of all their store cupboard ingredients… it was huge, I’ve whittled mine down to.

  1. Bread
  2. Milk
  3. Eggs
  4. Self Raising Flour
  5. Spices
  6. Dried Herbs
  7. Olive Oil
  8. Salt and Pepper
  9. Tomato Purée
  10. Caster Sugar
  11. Balsamic, Malt, White and Red Wine Vinegar
  12. Soy sauce
  13. Tabasco sauce
  14. Worcestershire sauce
  15. Baking Powder
  16. Butter
  17. Wine
  18. Potatoes
  19. Onions
  20. Garlic

Melanie from Melanie’s Food Adventures has kindly given me the ingredient list for my first bag…. it’s a Classic bag, the ingredients are below and came to £5.

Mystery Bag Meals - Ingredients For The First Challenge
Mystery Bag Meals – Ingredients For The First Challenge

If the ingredients come over the allowed price some will be left out (so for example I may only use a third of a pack of beans rather than the whole pack), come back Saturday to find out what I did with them, it’s a good one.

I have always loved Ready, Steady Cook and am watching the re-runs now on The Food Channel it’s quality tv and should never have been axed. It’s where I first saw lots of chef’s including two of my favourite television chef’s Brian Turner and James Martin.

Mystery Bag Meals - James Martin and Brian Turner Two Chef's From Ready Steady (picture from
Mystery Bag Meals – James Martin and Brian Turner Two Chef’s From Ready Steady (picture from

Three mentioned before I go, massive thanks to Dave Hole who has created a load of logos for me recently and, in all fairness, to tight deadlines for me… I know I’m a nag, and he’ll never know how greatful I am for his work…. Thanks Dave. Secondly congratulations to my friend Rhys Robers for being chose as the Labour Party’s candidate to be the next Cynon Valley Assembly Member, you can read Rhys’ blog here

Lastly, a big happy birthday for tomorrow to one of my best friends, the one and only (cue Chesney Hawkes) Greg, “Parker, Edgar Linton, 8 Ball, Wesley” Davies boy! Hope you have a cracking one you deserve it

See you all on Tuesday.
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  1. Hi. I don’t know if you still use this page as the last post was in 2015 but here goes… I found your page by accident while looking for something – maybe you can help me. Do you remember the original list of store cupboard essentials please? Thank you xx

  2. Haha met both those men and they were terrible flirts with me! I’ve been doing some TV cooking of my own recently, not allowed to say much more though, fab idea x

  3. great idea. i used to love watching ready steady cook too. Wondering what you’re going to make now. My guess is a puff pastry lattice slice #Tastytuesdays

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