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“Good Food Fuss Free” – Five Top Tips

When planning this blog someone asked me to outline my five key tips to successful cooking. It’s a tricky one because there are lots of things I can recommend but I think the top five would be.

Don’t Rush – Take your time good food shouldn’t be rushed, television cooks don’t cook things in the blink of an eye they have lots of time (and people to cook it for them). Give yourself plenty of time, if you’ve got certain impairments that may pose restrictions in the kitchen leave even more time.

Preparation Is Everything – The chefs call it Mise en place which when translated from French literally translates to “putting in place”. Prepare all your ingredients first; this is vitally important especially in stir-fry cooking. This will save time and stop you worrying (well it stops me worrying, I hate being at the hob and realising I’ve got stuff still left to chop…. stressful!)

Use The Right Tool For The Right Job – I know they say a bad workman blames his tools but quite often cooking a good dish can be let down by using the wrong tools, dishes or pans for the job. I try to ensure that I’ve got all my tools, pans and dishes ready at the start of the cooking process to make sure I have everything I need.

Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment – I cook from recipes all the time but quite often I haven’t got certain ingredients, leave them out, add others it’s your dish…. you’re the boss! You will only learn what works by trying things, throwing things together works for me.

Enjoy yourself – Whatever you do in the kitchen whether you’re making a sandwich or preparing for a dinner party of eight have fun, enjoy what you do and relax. Someone once said to me don’t cook in a bad mood but I find that cooking when I’m in a bad mood is excellent therapy.

If you have any questions you’d like to ask about either myself or the Wheelie Good Meals concept please feel free to drop us a line on enquiries@wheeliegoodmeals.co.uk. Don’t forget you can find us on Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Google+ and Pintrest, join us as we make Wheelie Good Meals!


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  1. […] This is the first time I’ve cooked Chicken like this (I’m ashamed to say!) It was so easy and cooked really well, I’ve had trouble in the past with overcooking/undercooking but this was great. Remember to follow safety guidelines when cooking chicken, I’ve given out some website addresses in the past, to find them check Alice’s Piri Piri Chicken out. This was really easy and straightforward to make, I know there’ are a few utensils and pieces of equipment but trust me it’s not a reflection on how the dish cooks but more how I like to have the right tool for the right job! […]

    • Thank you very much, we’re getting there slowly – your blog looks awesome, I see some room for joint working there in the future. I’m a bit new to all this so any ideas gratefully received lol.

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