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Rant's Cod In Foil
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Mystical Mag’s Mother’s Day Meal

“Rant’s Cod in Foil” with Dauphinoise Potato followed by “Second Time Lucky” Tiramisu For Mother’s Day, I cooked my mother a two course meal featuring “Rant’s Cod in Foil” served with my Dauphinoise Potato followed by my “Second Time Lucky” Tiramisu. If you’d like to make these dishes please feel free to download the step […]

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Why Cooking? Ask The Ladies In My Life!

I have a love of cooking, that cannot be denied, it’s roots lie firmly with the four most important women in my life, my Grandmother, my Mother, my Sister and My Sister-In-Law. My Grandmother – Affectionately known as “Mam Shep” was a fantastic cook and someone who loved to please people with food. She was […]