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Pea and Mint Sea Bream Fillets (with a cool Crème Fraiche and a touch of lemon)
Ready Meal Monday

Ready Meal Monday – M & S Dine In For £10

I’ve decided to pilot a new feature to my blog called, wait for it, “Ready Meal Monday”.  We all know I’m an advocate home cooking, you can’t beat a home cooked meal especially one you’ve taken time to lovingly prepare but are ready meals easier for people with certain health conditions.   My parents have bought […]

Wheelie Good Meals... Good Food, Fuss Free
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Why Cooking? Ask The Ladies In My Life!

I have a love of cooking, that cannot be denied, it’s roots lie firmly with the four most important women in my life, my Grandmother, my Mother, my Sister and My Sister-In-Law. My Grandmother – Affectionately known as “Mam Shep” was a fantastic cook and someone who loved to please people with food. She was […]