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Measurements, do we really need them?

I tend not to use a lot of specific measurements in my cooking (as you’ve probably noticed) it’s more done by look, feel, smell and most importantly taste. But, naturally, recipes on the interweb do have measurements on them and a lot of them are confusing because they use the different formats – especially in […]

The Bolognese Sauce served with Pene Pasta and topped with Cheddar Cheese
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Fuss Free Bolognese Sauce

This recipe what I would call one of my mothership recipes, once you’ve mastered this (and trust me it won’t take long) you can make a number of different dishes. This recipe will be suitable for: · Lasagne, · Chilli Con Carne · Canelloni · Bolognese The recipe I use is as easy as it […]

Rant's Cod In Foil
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Mystical Mag’s Mother’s Day Meal

“Rant’s Cod in Foil” with Dauphinoise Potato followed by “Second Time Lucky” Tiramisu For Mother’s Day, I cooked my mother a two course meal featuring “Rant’s Cod in Foil” served with my Dauphinoise Potato followed by my “Second Time Lucky” Tiramisu. If you’d like to make these dishes please feel free to download the step […]