Store Cupboard Mushroom Stroganoff With Pilau Rice
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Store Cupboard Mushroom Stroganoff

While browsing the internet I stumbled across a fantastic blog called Amuse Your Bouche, a blog that is packed with useful information and fantastic recipes. To visit Amuse Your Bouche click here. This is a great recipe for vegetarian’s and one my mother certainly enjoyed. Amuse Your Bouche is a website set up by Becca […]

Pig Sty Pie Logo
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Pig Sty Pie

I came up with the idea of this pie because I was thinking one day we’ve got Shepherd’s Pie for lamb and cottage pie for beef but nothing for pork…. so here it is. You can add or remove most of the ingredients (apart from the Pork Mince naturally)! If this dish had a theme […]